Shepherd's Pie Bento

Shepherd's Pie Bento

I did an experiment and made some shepherd’s pies in some muffin tins for bentos.  While I do love onigiri and all, I think a variety of mini-meals is a good idea.  Besides, these suckers freeze and building up the bento stash is a Good Thing.

I’m going to be experimenting in the future with some other meals in muffin tins, since the size is so perfect for bento.  I’ve done mini quiches and they’re wonderful.  I’ve seen it suggested one can do mini lasagnas, pot pies or ‘most anything else you’d make in a casserole dish. The advantage of this is that I can do a whole muffin tin of these babies and freeze them.  Pre-prepped is good.

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  1. Now that is a splendiferous idea Noel. I am vegetarian and my husband eats meat so every evening I have to make two meals. A selection of muffin pan meals sounds perfect. Up to now I have been making the whole dish then freezing leftover portions in plastic boxes. But doing the dividing upfront seems a lot better. Thanks!

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