Keeping Warm as a Tightwad

I set up my netbook at my desk for the first time since I bought it. I don’t often work from a desk, what can I say? But when I’m studying from a manual to review to teach a class, I like a desk and a good surface to write on. The increased real estate on my working surface is nice, lemme tellya.

I’ve been avoiding turning on the heat, but did briefly this morning before I realized I was being silly.  Yeah, it was 59F and all, but I have a wonderful warm slanket and portable warmers I can heat in the microwave and all that smack.  So, really, I was reacting to a number rather than a comfort level.

I do have the thermostat on 55F, though.  If the temperature drops unexpectedly one night, I’d just as soon not wake up to frozen pipes.  Hypothermia isn’t an issue, as lots of blankets keep one toasty warm in bed.

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