Bento Luxury

Yet another Not an Asian Bento.  The muffin-looking things are mini-quiches made with refrigerator dough and an egg and cheese mixture in muffin cups.  The meat balls are just a couple of regular sausage patties cooked in balls instead.

I made this mostly because I had onigiri today and don’t like rice every single day.

Yeah, it’s weird for someone who is self-employed and working from home to make one of these babies, but I can tell you it’s a great thing to have in the middle of a busy day — this little capsule of specialness and savor.  It’s like tea in the good china, or wearing silk lounging clothes.  I am sure a Japanese person wouldn’t see it this way.  I mean, it’s just lunch, right?  Or maybe it’s such a way standard way of life it’s not thought about.  I don’t know.  Is anyone who reads this Japanese?

While I don’t actually know what the original concept behind it might have been, the interpretation I throw on it — that it’s this little spot in my day to delight all my senses, is one that does a lot of good to me, especially in times of stress or trouble.  I’m extraordinarily busy in my business.  While that is a good thing in terms of my bank account and my pleasure at career success, that’s one aspect of my life.  And Noël-san is a hedonist when all is said and done.  This gives me a sweet little indulgence that is still a positive and healthy one.    It makes something healthy feel decadent and luxurious.  That’s a combination that works well for me!

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