Tights Aren't Pants

Apparently it’s a Thing to analyze people’s garments (okay women’s garments, and we all know women aren’t quite people and need a bit of extra scrutiny to make them fit to exist) and decide whether or not the bifurcation is tights or pants and then get all up in a fit if somone is wearing tights with a shirt.

My take?

I don’t care.  Not because I don’t care about fashion or personal adornment.  I care a great deal about it, enjoy adorning myself to my personal tastes and have a hobby of making clothes, for pity’s sake.

I don’t care because unless someone walks up to me and asks me for a critique of their outfit, I don’t need to spend mental energy analyzing their clothes.   Few people dress to my personal tastes, and I’m okay with that.  The world doesn’t owe me a consistent esthically-pleasing view.  I mean, sure, I’m arrogant and entitlement-minded, but there are limits. 

I have Views on dress appropriateness, oh very yes.   But if you don’t ask me, I’m going to presume my opinion doesn’t count in that instance.