Ketogenic Finger Food

As I commented in Wake Up Calls and Why I’m Going to Smack You, I was diagnosed with prediabetes in June. People can choose lots of different ways to deal with this, depending on taste, medical needs and so on. I chose the diet route and went on a ketogenic diet.

In June, my a1c was 6.0. Last week, when I got it tested, I found that six months of pretty dedicated focus (I cheated twice – once at the beach and ate some watermelon, and once on a cruise where I ate ¼ c. of vanilla ice cream) I’m down to 5.7, which is borderline to normal.

The problem?

You have to cook, and you have to plan your meals in advance a lot. You can’t figure on just picking up something to eat just any time. You need to plan and know what you’re going to eat.

Now, I have a hobby making bento, which is good. I can pack a decent meal in a small container with no real big deal. The thing is, I don’t have as good a habit of making ketogenic finger food as I could.

In pondering how to make a ketogenic bento tasty and interesting, I was pondering some mini sweet peppers in the grocery store today and thinking that I’d made up some chicken salad. Then got to thinking, “Hey, those stuffed with chicken salad would be doggone tasty and keto-friendly, too!”

I could give a recipe, but honestly, I pretty much wing it with chicken salad. I shred some cooked chicken, salt and pepper it, toss in some shredded onion and celery then use Duke’s mayonnaise because that’s the only real stuff on the market that’s not all sugar-laden and nasty. I mix in enough that all the ingredients bind nicely.

Ideally, you should let this sit overnight in the fridge, so the flavors will marry, but I didn’t for this.

If you like sweet peppers and you like chicken salad, this is great ketogenic finger food.