Mini Pot Pie Bento

I did an experiment with mini chicken pot pies in a muffin tin for bento.  I think they turned out rather well!  I didn’t have enough dough for two of the pot pies out of the dozen, so I used those right away rather than freeze them.

Between this and the shepherd’s pie experiment, I’m pretty happy with the muffin tin dishes I’ve been making for bento.    I just need to think so some more to come up with others.  To be honest, these are a bit work-intensive.  Thing is, they do freeze well, so if you do up a whole muffin tin of them, you’re doing enough for six bento, which means you’ve got plenty extra for another day’s worth of bento.

I was thinking about how to make lasagna in muffin tins, and it occurred to me that homemade noodles would be ideal, because I could cut them into circles pretty easily.

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