The 50 Mile Club

The gym is doing its usual summer 50 Mile Club.  You try to swim 50 miles between May 1 and August 31.  It’s a fairly challenging workout program, but I usually sign up.  (This translates to about a 1,500 yard swim every week day, so is no slouch of a workout)

This year, I need to get ear plugs, though.  I got some serious water in my ear last year that just wasn’t going away and messed with my hearing pretty badly.  I should probably break down and get new goggles, too.  Almost three years on a pair of goggles is not bad at all.  My latex cap and my bathing suit are both just fine, however.   The suit won’t be fine at the end of this summer, but that’s okay.

This is also going to mean I’m going to have to get into the gym a little earlier on days my family comes in with me.  Hopefully they won’t want to strangle me for this *grin*.

I wish I could find some decent waterproof earbuds, though.  60 lengths of the pool every weekday can get a wee bit tedious with no music or books to listen to.  I own a waterproof box for my iPod, but I’ve never found a pair of ear buds that could stand up to a serious swim.  Prolly why I never see such things in the pool.  It’s not like most of the gym patrons can’t afford ’em.

I’m also going to throw in some weights at home just to make sure I’m getting the bone-building stuff.  That’s the one area where swimming is weak.  It’s not a weight bearing exercise in any way, even if it is pretty good for strength.   But if I’m swimming 45 minutes or so every day, damn’f I’ll hit the gym for a weight training session, too!

Do you find the occasional physical challenge fun?  If you like them, what do you like to do?

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