Excuses and Workouts

Today was One of Those Days exercise-wise.

I’d worked quite late yesterday and hadn’t even the faintest intention of getting up at 5:00 to get in the water.  Wasn’t going to happen.  I’d packed my bag and laid out my suit, putting it on under sweats first thing this morning, with the intention of swimming at my usual after gym work time of 7:30.  That would give me a good hour in the pool if I wanted it before they kicked out the lap swimmers for aqua fitness.

I couldn’t find my keys.  Now, I had other keys to drive the car, or could even walk to the gym, but upon those keys were also the key I used to open the gym on days that I worked.  Losing those keys was going to get me in hot water.  So I went on a much more massive and intensive search than I ordinarily would.  Found ’em. You know how it’s important to put away your keys in the same place every time? Guess who broke that rule?  I finally found my keys.  I’d put them in a purse pocket I never use and only looked in because I was getting desperate.  <headshaking>

I almost blew off the workout, ’cause I was stressed, ticked off and feeling stupid.  But I was wearing my bathing suit and somehow I couldn’t force myself to take it off, change and put it away without having used it once it was on my body.  So I had some breakfast and a cup of coffee and got some work done before I went to the gym after the aqua fitness class.  Had a decent swim, but I don’t think swimming on a full stomach is my favorite way to work out.

If I had not put on that suit first thing, I probably would have blown off the workout.   So, clearly putting on a swim suit under my clothes if I want to ensure  I take the damn swim is probably a Useful Tool.

Ordering my life so that excuses not to do things that are goals seems absurd is probably a Useful Tool as well.  Goodness knows I’m pretty talented at coming up with excuses to be lazy when I’m lookin’.

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