The Fifty Mile Challenge

I just got back from my swim at the gym. They’re going to do the fifty mile challenge again.

Basically that means you swim 50 miles between May 1 and August 31.

Friends, allowing for summer vacations and the like, that’s about 6,000 yards a week!  Honestly?  I really should do it, as it would keep me active and motivated through the summer.  Thing is, I really don’t want to hit the pool but three days a week and I’m not yet back into form enough that a 2,000 yard (~80 lengths) swim is really reasonable.  Certainly it has never been a standard-length swim for me.    I only swam 1,000 this morning.  Yes, yes, I have until May 1 to get ready, and if I push it, I can probably get there.  I’m tempted to try to swim 2000 on Wednesday1, just to see if I still can.

Honestly?  I’d like to do it just to say I did it, you know.  I suppose that’s rather the point — to encourage people to set goals just, well… ’cause!

Goodness knows it’ll help me with my goal of getting to bed on time.  That kind of swimming schedule will have me sleeping pretty hard.  Not a bad thing, all told.

But, it’s work time for Mama Noël, now.  Deadlines and proposals and projects, oh my!

1Yes, yes, I’m supposed to work out every weekday, but as a swimmer, I really need to get some weight-bearing work in for bone strength.  If I were walking or running, I really wouldn’t sweat it, but at my age facing the concept of osteoporosis is no joke.  I have a date with the squat rack tomorrow.

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