Afternoon Tea

Because the man of the house teaches at a local college once a week, so really doesn’t have time for a real meal, I serve afternoon tea those nights.  I’ll do up some sandwiches, slice up some fruit and/or veggies, and maybe add a little cheese.  That’s just so we can sit down for a few minutes and he can talk to the boy.  I could make dinner early, but he doesn’t like teaching on a full stomach, so this is what I do.

The cucumber bits are actually cumber slices with some turkey salad between them.  I got the idea from Barb, who came up with them for bento.  Well, her idea was chicken salad, but we had a turkey Monday night, so I figured a poultry salad of some sort would work out.

It did.  Tasty.   I pass the idea on to anyone who might want to have fingerfood ideas that don’t rely on bread.

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