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I swam a 2000 today.  That is by no means a normal swim, though I suspect by the end of the summer that it will be.  Right now, a good solid 1500 is my normal workout.  A 2000 takes me about 50 minutes and I don’t always have that much time.  No, I am not a fast swimmer by any stretch of the imagination!

So, that’s 20,000 yards since May 1.   I want to see if I can possibly get in another 5,000 by May 31, so that I can be properly on track to get to my goal on time without scrambling too much.  I have until Aug 31, so ideally I need to put in 25,000 yards a month.  That’s a good, steady pace.  Not insane, but there’s little room for slacking.

That’s a lot more yardage than I’ve ever swum in a month.

This is doing a good job of keeping me focused on working out.  You pretty much have to keep working at a pretty steady pace or you won’t make it.  Oh sure, there are already people who have racked up something like 35,000 yards.  They’re competitive swimmers and hats off to ’em.

I found out an aqua aerobics class only counts as 500 yards.   I think they’re getting the short end of the stick. Those classes are an hour long!  I’ll grant you probably don’t go quite as hard as I do, but… Well, if aqua aerobics is what you’re doing, either your fitness levels aren’t quite at the lap swimming range, your technique isn’t up to it, or you’ve got a disability where there’s Just No Way.  I wouldn’t begrudge an hour class counting as 2000 yards if it’s getting butts in the pool.  Doing what you can is important.  I mean, there’s a reason I’m a swimmer and not a runner!

I’m all mellow and relaxed and sleepy after my swim.  I may nap.  I may just veg.   But goodness me, it’s nice to have work done, have worked out and have a free afternoon.  I don’t get this often, but I sure like it.

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