I put in my 1500.  Only 86,000 yards to go!  The lifeguard was funny. “How many miles did you do today, young lady?”

Yeah, right…  If he’s more than ten years older than I am I’ll swim 2000 tomorrow.  I still wish I could have retorted, “One.”  The challenge clocks the yardage in 500 yard blocks, so it’s not like I can work up incrementally and get up to a mile slowly if I want the milage to count.  Even so, I wouldn’t be surprised if in the next couple of months, swimming a 2000 (which, for the purposes of clocking the challenge is the distance closest to a mile) is going to be my basic swim.

Today’s swim was okay.  I got into that zone where your body is working hard, but your mind just starts to float and drift.  I don’t get that for every workout, but when it happens, I really like it.  It mellows me out a lot.

Not many people have signed up for the fifty mile challenge this summer, and all the ones that did were the triathletes and the Masters swimmers.  I have to complete it now, just out of stubbon pride.  Besides, since I work at the gym and all, not following through would be embarrassing.  No, I’m not biting off more than I can chew with this.  6,000 a week is pretty doable, even on a busy week.

Speaking of busy, I have clients who need my services and wouldn’t want to leave them twitching.  Work time!

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