Swimming and Athletic Performance

I got called a fish today. I was absurdly pleased. What was cool about it to me was that it was by someone who has decided to train for a triathlon. For those of you who’ve done a tri, we’re definitely talking Clydesdale1 here.

The guy is not particularly a skilled swimmer, but I’ve seen him swim and have seen him move on dryland.  He’s got good body control, so I don’t think it’s going to take too long for him to relax enough for him to get his form down.   What pleased me so was that this muscular, athletic man tried my sport, has seen me perform, and respects what I do.  In truth, he’ll soon outpace me.    I been swimming seriously for about three years, and consider it a great swim if I can do 2,000 in under 50 minutes.  He’s already doing a 1,000 in half an hour, just a few weeks into training.  Though I did make a snarky crack that I was not going to let him beat me swimming, he’s gonna get a lot faster than ever I can.

It means a lot to me as a heavy woman to be respected for athletic stuff, especially when it’s not framed in terms of what it makes me look like, but performance.

1This is a category for men over 200 lbs. They may be fat, or just big, heavy and muscular. This guy is big, heavy and muscular, and truly rather reminiscent of a draft horse in power.  The female equivalent is called an Athena.  I think the weight cutoff is something like 145.

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  1. Noel,

    I have been diagnosed with degenerative arthritis an am going to add swimming to my exercise program. Can you give tips on dealing with long hair and swimming pools? I really don’t want to cut mine! Please feel free to email me privately.

      B) Wet your hair thoroughly with non-chlorinated water. Then your hair is saturated and can’t take in chlorine.
      C) For that extra step (and I do this) get some Mane and Tail (it’s for horses, but it’s great for people, too) conditioner and rub some into your wet hair before you put on your cap. You get a nice deep conditioning during your workout that way.

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