I Want Muscle

I actually have a contract to do a fitness book. No, not Screw Skinny, Get Fit! This is something else.

But it does give me a professionally justifiable reason to surf the net reading fitness sites and articles!

I woke up this morning feeling better than I have all week. Ya! I can tell this damned cold is going away.

I’m going to get to the gym earlier again (weights today) and avoid the Beefy Idiots Social Club. That seems to work for me. I’m gonna shower at the gym, though. I notice that procrastinating about my shower and getting into non-gym clothes is a way I often cut into my own work time. Bad Freelancer! No Monies!

Okay, to all your female personal trainers who (correctly) believe that women need to pump some iron, especially if you’re figure competitors yourselves:

Please stop calling women in their mid thirties “girls”. While you’re at it, the use of the word “ladies” to build camaraderie is kind of goofy. God, you sound like a cheerleader! Stoppit with the diminutive. You can squat 200 lbs. You’re bench pressing around 150. You’re stronger than a lot of guys. It’s okay. You can be a woman and be better than a guy at something, really. It’s really sounding like overcompensation or that you’re apologizing for it. The guys aren’t apologizing for being better than you at something. Step up to the plate and be a grown-up, dammit. Set a good example. I know you want to convince women that they’re not going to grow a penis and get a deep voice if they lift weights. I get that part, but there is such a thing as going overboard, ‘kay? For God’s sakes, don’t sneer at the pink dumbbells and then turn around a create a new version of the pink dumbbells mentality to attract customers…

Oh wait.

Okay, sorry. I get it. My bad. Carry on.

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  1. Thanks!

    This isn’t going to be like a bestseller or something, though. I mean, yeah it’s a book and yeah, I get paid, but this is a “work for hire” deal. (Which is mostly what I do for a living).

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