Questions I've Been Asked

I’m a woman and started lifting about six weeks ago.  My trainer told me to stop lifting weights because they are making me fat. What should I do?

Fire your trainer.  Weight training doesn’t make you fat.  You’re a woman. Without steroids it’s not even going to make you bigger.  Find someone who knows what she’s doing.

Should I work out when I’m sick?

The usual rule is that the symptoms are above the neck (sneezing, runny nose, et cetera) then it’s okay to work out.  If the symptoms are below the neck (chills, muscle aches, sore throat, fever), then just stay home.  In fact, go to bed and get lots of fluids.

And for the love of Blind Io, please don’t go to the gym when you’re horking up lung butter.  It doesn’t make you look hardcore.  It makes you look like an insensitive jerk who wants to spread your illness around.

My trainer focuses the entire workout around fat burning and calories.  That’s not what I want.

Make a list of your fitness goals.  Hand it to the trainer and help him with the big wor^h^h^h okay, that was obnoxious.  There are trainers out there with excellent educations.  A credentials check might be in order.

If your trainer’s education and certs are better than EZ Training and Fitness, put the list of goals in his face and explain very careful-like that what’s on the list is what you want to be working on.  If he doesn’t get it, fire him and get another.  The woods are full of trainers, friends.

My doctor said that since my family has a history of bone loss, I have to start lifting weights. WTF?

Darlin’ send your doctor flowers.  Any exercise that places a stress load on the skeletal frame does help to prevent osteoperosis.  Check out Strong Women Stay Young, too!  You can get started a lot less hard core than you think to get the benefits.

TTFN.  I’m gonna brave an elliptical today.  Hopefully I won’t get laughed at.

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