I have a bigger contract and a little article to work on today. I really, really enjoy being a writer when I have work! LMAO.

One of the neat things about what I do is that I often have to do research on subject. Basically, my job is learning stuff, then reporting on it. There are days when I feel like the main character in Friday during her Pajaro Sands days1. This is not a bad thing.

The gym was fun today. Workouts were all good, people were just… friendly today. I always like it when people seem to be in a good mood.

There was a new woman doing weights and was doing most of the same exercises I do, but using dumbbells. She looked at me a little funny when I was doing bench presses. I have to chuckle, because she was using almost exactly the same amount of weight I started with back when I started lifting in the summer of ’06. If her goals are to get strong, in a couple of years, she’s gonna look back amazed.

I tried a new exercise, the Vertical Leg Raise. This is hard, friends. I was getting bored with incline situps. It’s not that they’re not a challenge. I was just sick of them. So, I went ahead and did the new exercise, then commented to the woman who’d just come in for the first time today that I finally got up the guts to try that exercise2.  She laughed and said she was surprised I had to get up the guts to do anything.

I told her that for the first year I was lifting, I was using a set of adjustable dumbbells at home, and that at  my weight, I was actually a little scared to step into the room with all the free weights.

‘Course the real answer is that unless you’re goofing off and hogging equipment, you’re probably gonna be plenty welcome in the weight room, no matter what your fitness level or size.

1Though without nearly as much sex, dammit!
2Yeah, there really are times when I have to work up my courage to try stuff.

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