You've Gotta Be Kidding Me

I was going to write this short little thing to Bob Green (Oprah’s trainer, author of Making the Connection and some other stuff).

He feels like swimming is a lousy exercise for losing fat. I was going to point out swimming has been my major cardio, list how much I’ve lost1 and say “Nya, nya, nya”.

When I write an article, I often do as much as five whole minutes of research to find a website that supports some smartassed comment or other I make.

What do I find? Mr. Green is working with McDonald’s. Now, I’ve read Making the Connection and I know Green believes in a low fat diet. No, if you’re going to eat that way, McDonald’s doesn’t have a great deal to offer. Some, but not much, and no, not an Egg McMuffin without the cheese. BZZZTT!

I don’t respect this. It ain’t that I think a low fat diet is all that. I don’t. I eat low carb, high protein, and don’t sweat the fat. It’s what works for me. But it would be like me, after getting fit by what I’m doing, being a spokesman for an aerobics center that used as its marketing technique pink dumbbells, low weights, high reps and played into a fear of “getting big”.2

In other words, corporate whoring.

1 28 lbs since the beginning of July. A rate of about a pound and a half a week, which is a fine rate of fat loss.

2For those of you who may never have read any of my fitness articles, I believe in moderate cardio, and lifting hard and heavy. Putting on muscle is a great way to lose fat and get fit fast. Women won’t “get big” without special training and illegal or quasi-legal supplementation. Promise.

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