Pondering on the writing

I was re-reading At the Foot of the Throne today in preparation for re-writing the  query letter and putting together a better promotion package for it.

It’s better than Stoneflower, even though I did write it with the intention of being a potboiler.  I mean, the pacing and plot is better, and the characters are pretty cool.  I wrote it with the intention of just being this piece that isn’t Meaningful Writing.  You know, Just Telling The Damn Story.

I think maybe not caring about how damned profound a story is worked for me on that one.  It’s decent work.

I’m finding the ending a bit unsatisfying though.  I’d intended it to be a trilogy, but I’m beginning to think I could take 20,000 (it’s 90,000 words right now) words or so and just turn it into one fairly long book with a much more satisfying, well-rounded ending and screw the idea of a series.

I  could actually do with some feedback on it, if someone would like to read it.

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  1. I read all the time…if you want feedback from a unemployed stay at home mom and military wife that is me…let me know…what is your book about anyway???

  2. This is the promo:

    Rags to riches and finding True Love is not always all that the fairy tales say. In AT THE FOOT OF THE THRONE, two countries stand on the brink of war, and a young villager finds herself thrown into the center of the conflict.

    A small shepherding community on the border of Lotharia and Sudra is destroyed leaving Marra the sole survivor. Pitched into the unstable politics between the two nations, Marra finds herself ordered to rebuild the strategically-important town in the hopes of preventing a war between the two nations. While she and her bachelor king have fallen in love, Marra is barren. In addition to rebuilding Laan, she must find a wife for the king so that he may have heirs to provide for the continuity of the kingdom of Sudra.

  3. OK I like the promo and it leaves me with tons of questions…..I love to read the back of a book and find the answer to the questions that pop in my head. Like how and when she found out she was barren…like how old is she and the bachelor king….how was she ordered to rebuild Laan and why. With so many questions needing to be answered from the promo I would devour it to find the answers. Sometimes the back covers do not offer enough intrigue. Then again I love the Outlander series…all those wonderful pages of words and more words!! lol ok see you are not the only weirdo here…me too it is just 20 years ago I did not admit it…now I embrace it!!! lol

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