Pondering on the writing

I was re-reading At the Foot of the Throne today in preparation for re-writing the  query letter and putting together a better promotion package for it.

It’s better than Stoneflower, even though I did write it with the intention of being a potboiler.  I mean, the pacing and plot is better, and the characters are pretty cool.  I wrote it with the intention of just being this piece that isn’t Meaningful Writing.  You know, Just Telling The Damn Story.

I think maybe not caring about how damned profound a story is worked for me on that one.  It’s decent work.

I’m finding the ending a bit unsatisfying though.  I’d intended it to be a trilogy, but I’m beginning to think I could take 20,000 (it’s 90,000 words right now) words or so and just turn it into one fairly long book with a much more satisfying, well-rounded ending and screw the idea of a series.

I  could actually do with some feedback on it, if someone would like to read it.