The Big, Dumb Beast

I came pretty close to blowing off my lifting this morning.  Rather, I started telling myself that I would justs go home and lift with dumbbells “later”.  I had opened the gym, was feeling sick of being there, but I had my workout clothes with me.

Now, in Noël’s World, “later” generally doesn’t happen.  When I give myself an excuse like this, chances are very good I’m trying to wiggle out of whatever is going on.   When I realized what I was doing, I just told myself, “For pity’s sake!  Just go lift and shower.  You’ll still get home quite early in the morning in time to get your other work done.  If you blow it off,  you’ll be blowing things off all day in procrastination.”

I try very hard to optimize my life so that it’ll be easier and make more sense to do the productive thing.  You know, like packing one’s gym bag the night before, setting up the crock pot to cook dinner and having housework routines.  I don’t how much time it saves in the real world, but it does save mental effort and Stuff Gets Done.

The author of The No-S Diet, Reinhard Engels, likens habit to a large and powerful beast that you can domesticate and use the energy to suit your purposes.  I think this is true.  ‘Course bad habits are as powerful and dumb as the good ones!

How do you replace a bad habit with a good one, or get rid of a bad habit?

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  1. Great post! I just found your blog today and I’m adding you to my Bloglines. 🙂

    I started lifting weights about 2.5 months ago… about the time I realized that I was at my heaviest ever weight – still not over-weight but I was NOT liking it! My diet/nutrition was pretty decent but I had to admit to myself that most of my excess calories were coming from my 1 or 2 drinks after work. Not good! But I really enjoyed those drinks so how do I STOP? First, I started to exercise right when I get home – no sitting on the couch with my laptop & drink! My second idea was to just replace the drink with another non-alcoholic drink – I chose watered down juice… or just plain ice water. It worked!

    Another problem I had was eating all the junk food that my coworkers brought to work. I still enjoy a small treat now and then but I’ve found that chewing gum helps curb my cravings. I buy in bulk and always keep a pack of gum on my desk. It’s not ideal… I’m not thrilled about the artificial sweeteners but it helps!

    Also what helps… packing more HEALTHY meals and snacks so that I’m not hungry and craving those treats!! Bentos rule! 🙂

    That is cool you work right at the gym so you have less excuses! I workout at home so I have no excuses, either, haha. Except I do allow myself rest days when I need them.

    1. Well, I don’t work full time at a gym. I work about five hours a week at a gym opening up early in the mornings to get the free membership!

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