Handling Rejection and Criticism

Sent out a couple of queries to At the Foot of the Throne to agents today.

I always feel a little anxious when I send these things out, though mostly not.  I’ve a fine collection of rejection slips, so it’s not a huge deal to me.

People say you need a thick skin to break into writing.  I don’t necessarily know that’s so in the early stages.  A pre-printed rejection form doesn’t have the zing, I think, that a detailed analysis of why you suck would.  While a novice in the industry, I know the detailed analysis means you’re getting close, so I’m not so sure that would get to me all that much!

I often wonder how I’ll deal with the “yes”.  I mean, the rejection forms?  I’ve gotten plenty.  But critics?  That, I’ve never dealt with — or at least not much.   Wearing my other hat as a polyamory activist, and writing a weekly column, I do get people who disagree with my stuff all the time.  I cheer that, to be honest.  It means people are reading it, thinking about it and reacting.  I mean, sure, I get the occasional feedback that makes me grind my teeth a little.

How’s that gonna be with a published book?  No idea.  I’m often curious how the pros react.  <grin>

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