Writer's Block

Writer’s Block is often only a failure of nerve, but don’t let that bother you.

I did something foolish last night and went back to re-read what I’ve been doing from the beginning.

“Now how can re-reading your writing be foolish?” I hear you ask. Or would if I could hear what people not even in my house are saying when the air conditioner’s white noise interferes with me being able to hear my son…


We were talking about foolish, weren’t we?

The writing method I use is basically to go hammer and tongs at the first draft until it is done — not bothering to re-read more than yesterday’s work to get my mind in gear. I do this because without a first draft to rip apart and edit, you’re kind of screwed.

I found myself wanting to tweak stuff here, add a scene there… all the crap I knew I’d be tempted to do and would prevent me from that lovely -30- which means I can sit on it then go back and edit.

I did resist. (Aren’t you proud). And now I’ve got to put all that stuff out of my mind to finish That Damned Book.

Yeah, it’s That Damned Book again. I’ll love it later. Not now.

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