Another Rejection

According to Yet Another Rejection Letter, the premise of my novel is “intriguing” but not right for an agent I was rather hoping would want to represent me. Did my homework on her and she’s got some good authors and herself has a good rep and does represent this particular genre. The letter also said that she (the agent’s assistant who wrote the letter) encouraged me to continue submitting my query to other agents. Very kind and encouraging.

Yep, another personal rather than form rejection slip. At least, I think it was…

I suppose if my next one is a critique, I should celebrate and then get to work revising the novel. I do see a trend in the personal comments already, so that’s a good sign.

I know they say when you start getting personal letters rather than forms it’s a good sign, but you know, that advice was written back before word processors. I have to wonder if that’s quite the same now, as you can write a perfectly original-looking “Fill in the Blank” template.

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