Misunderstood Genius


My husband has finally gotten me to agree to get around to watching the third season of Sherlock with him.

There is a scene between Sherlock and Mycroft discussing their contempt of lesser beings with lesser intellects and it got under my fingernails.

I’m in sort of a similar situation to Sherlock.  Let’s just say while I knew I was smart, when I found out what my IQ actually was, I was startled.  Like Sherlock, I have a brother whose IQ is higher. (He also has a son who is smarter than both of us)

We do NOT sit around rolling our eyes at the idiotic proles, okay?  We’re bright, that’s great, and there’s a lot more to being a superior human being than the ability to do well on a standardized test.  There are lots of people with lower IQs and more drive that are more successful than me, ‘kay?

But more than that.  Kindness matters.  I mean really matters.  Yes, intelligence is awesome and useful and I bless the people who used their amazing brains to make the device I’m typing this on, who develop cures for diseases, who help people.

But brains do not give you a free pass to be an asshole.

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