It’s Our Fault, Not the Kids

I’m getting fed up with the “Kids these days” stuff going around the Internet.

We snark and snarl about them being addicted to video games, having no ambition or drive, having low frustration tolerance, you name it.

I’m telling you right now, that if you’re over 40, it’s not the kids’ faults. It’s yours.*

You bought into a culture of fear that never let your children or the children around you take a risk. You taught them that failure was too painful to tolerate instead of teaching them to deal as part of life. You taught them that following the rules and being good at tests was going to make them successful, when there has never been a truly successful person in this world who did it by the book. Not one.

You got too frustrated with them making messes in the kitchen, so you didn’t have them cook with you. You didn’t think they made the bed neatly enough so you didn’t teach them to clean for themselves. So, tell me. Who has the low frustration tolerance, if you couldn’t stand the mess involved in teaching your kids to be grown-ups?





* I’m well over 40; this is on me, too. No high horse.

2 Replies to “It’s Our Fault, Not the Kids”

  1. So pleased to see someone say this. I was fortunate enough to live a free rural life as a child, but I totally understand why “kids these days” don’t want to spend hours playing outside, etc. It’s because any activity outside the house comes with a free “mosquito mother” buzzing around and ruining their imaginary play and embarrassing them in front of their friends.

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