Why I Love Bento

I’ve been working very hard the past six weeks or so. Now, I’m cool with working hard, but sometimes you need something to lift your spirits. I’m finding that Bento are great to give me a little charge during the day to keep me going for the afternoon.

Now, I don’t make anything all that special. Half the time, my bento are repurposed leftovers. Another quarter of the time, it’s a chicken drumstick, some carb (rice or pasta) and some fruit and veggies. The thing is, when I make them, even though I’m often putting them in some sort of flat plastic container, I’m still paying some attention to color and layout.

Opening one of those babies up in the middle of what you know is going to be a long day? It’s really pretty comforting. It’s just lunch, but by Golly, it’s a pretty lunch and that little capsule of attractiveness does a lot to make my lunch break something restorative.

I begin to understand why my guys are so happy to get them. It’s not that the food is amazing or anything, nor is it that they can’t make their own lunch. They can. But opening up a tasty and attractive box can be very comforting in the middle of a long day.

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