Butt Glue and the Great Outdoors

I am really liking the weather right now – sunny, warm…  This is such a blissful change from spring last year, I’m really enjoying it a lot.  In fact, I’m outside right now, working and enjoying the sunshine.  I used to work outside on this portable word processor before my son was born.  We had this sakura tree outside our window, and in the late spring, I’d be sitting under it working on a carpet of pink flowers.  There was a mockingbird next door to us that liked to perch on the neighbor’s roof.  Whenever I made a mistake and the spellcheck would beep, the bird would imitate the sound.  It was like I had this little writing buddy.  These days, my cat is my writing buddy, but I don’t take her outside.  She’s strictly an indoor cat.

I’m really considering finding a good outdoor umbrella so I can sit in the shade when it gets really warm and still work outside.  I need to soak up as much sun as possible this summer.  Last summer’s gray and rain did a serious number on me.

I swam my mile this morning, but push myself a lot more than I wanted to.  We got into the gym later than I’d planned, and I had to hurry to make sure that everyone could get to work and school on time while still getting in my mile.  Even so, I’m pretty charged up, so it’s clear I didn’t push stupidly hard.

And speaking of not being stupid, I need to get to work.  Outlines to write, photo sessions to plan and serious butt glue needed to get my writin’ done!

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