What Do You Like?

I actually used the weight room rather than do body weight stuff today.

For all that I’m in favor of body weight exercises and really think that there are dozens of paths to fitness, I gotta say I like freeweights better.   Oh yes, body weight exercises travel well, what with only needing about six feet of floor and no equipment.  But having that bar across your shoulders is cool.  Well, it’s cool to me.

That’s important.  What do you like to do?

I think that in our chasing fitness (or sometimes just waving cheerfully from our chairs and getting on with our blogging), we get too into the perfect workout, or what we thinking we “should” be doing.

If you’ve decided being more active is important to you, finding something that makes you feel good is important.  I don’t swim and use free weights because they’re The Ultimate Exercise.  I swim and use free weights because that’s what I’ll do.  Sure, sure, I can come up with a million reasons why I’m Right to Do What I Do in terms of great exercise and Why People Who Do It Different Are Wrong. But,  I have a friend who hates exercise for the sake of exercise.  Oh, she’ll paddle twenty miles in a kayak.  Show her a mountain and she’ll hike on up it chattering cheerfully all the way.  Don’t try to put her in a gym.  She’d be miserable.  And I’m sure if it were her way, she could come up with a million reasons why she is Right to Do What She Does and Why People Who Do It Differently Are Wrong.

Both of us would be wrong, too.

So, if you’re into being active, what do you like?

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  1. These days it’s walking, yoga and bodyweight strength exercises. The ones I really LIKE are the yoga and strength. I may end up liking the walking more – it IS more enjoyable than it used to be, but it’s still mostly stress relief and “I want to be able to walk more so I need to practice”.

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