Big Plate, Tiny Bento

A Packed Bento

The Same Food, But On a Plate

I did this mostly as an experiment for my No-S Diet, though I was pretty sure of the answer.   The plate on the right is what I’d put in a bento box, though arranged in a more compact fashion.

It makes an interesting point about portion control as well as eating a variety.  I’m generally much more careful to pack a variety of itty-bitty portions in a bento than I am when I put a meal on a plate1.    But it does show that the “one-plate” rule of the No-S Diet is some pretty decent portion control!

So, when you go on about the “tiny” bento boxes, realize it’s just that it’s compact.  The plate isn’t a “tiny” lunch to most people’s minds!

1I’ve also become constitutionally incapable of eating an apple without cutting it into something cute. Please don’t laugh at me. I’m helpless in the face of it, and therapy probably won’t help.

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