Goals and Self-Care

Yesterday, I did a lot of bending over and squatting down to keep my joints from siezing up.  Yes, I’m quite sore, but not in a “not able to move” kind of way.

I think several things helped prevent it.  I hit the hot tub after I lifted yesterday, and I made sure to move through a range of motion in my legs quite frequently and got up from my desk to walk around a lot.

Today was a swimming day, and I got in a good workout.  I also soaked in the hot tub after I swam.  I think the frequent soaks will help prevent enough soreness to interfere with range of motion even if it doesn’t prevent it entirely.  That works for me.  I don’t like not being able to move well, but a little pain is all right.

I’ve dropped back from the longer, slower swims to the shorter, more intense swims.   I think my goal for swimming this winter is to try to get that mile in, but do it in less than half an hour.  So basically, I’m going to be pushing at a fast pace and keep adding distance to keep my workout at about a half an hour for swimming.  It seems to work out well for me.  I can do a mile in 40 minutes now.  Shaving off ten minutes in eight months is a lot, but we’ll see.  It’ll be fun to try, anyway, and certainly it’ll do my body good.  It’ll also keep me interested, which is definately the important thing.

I love it when I can work out right after working at the gym.  I can’t always do that — teaching and such.  But when I can, it’s great.   All that’s out of the way and the day is hardly touched.  Today’s a planning day at my real job, and I’ve got a buttload of proposals to write.

Heh… I just called freelance writing my real job.  I guess I’ve arrived!  That feels pretty good.

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