Back in the Pool

I got my lazy ass into the pool for the first time in a week today.

After my gall bladder attack, I just didn’t feel motivated.  I even asked the doctor if working out was okay (secretly hoping for a “no” and an excuse not to).   He laughed and said that as long I was not in the middle of an attack I should be fine.

So, no excuses.  I swam.

They keep that pool too damn warm in the summer.  I know they do it because of the people in aqua fitness and aqua therapy rehabs that just cannot take the cold.  Dandy.  In the summer, competition pool coldness is fine with me.  Ah well.  I wouldn’t want it to be too cold for people that really need the water workout and the warmth, anyway.

I had oatmeal for breakfast in my new lowfat diet.  Since I’ve been having oatmeal for breakfast for the past few months, this was not exactly a huge change.  I’ve been using powdered milk as creamer instead of half-n-half.  I like half-n-half better, but I’ll be goddamned if I buy those stupid low-fat “products”.  I’m not bloody well going to buy low fat cheese.  I’m just eating nonfat yogurt and gonna be done with it.  It’s summer, the produce is good.  There’s plenty of real food I can eat — I love fish, turkey and chicken.  Salads are my friend.  Strawberries are almost in season.  I make a mean beans and rice.  I bet I can come up with a really tasty yogurt-based salad dressing, too.  I’m a great cook and don’t need to fall back on fake food.

Thank God I can still cook in wine.

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