Fun Client Week

This week seems to be Have Fun at Work Week here at Figart Consulting.

Got a couple of clients who have a quirky sense of humor.  God, it I love it when that happens.

Being a freelance writer is funny.  Sometimes you get these really interesting projects.  If you have a particular hobby horse, you sometimes get paid to ride it.  I always like that.  All my projects this week are stuff I actually have a real interest in.  This does happen more often than not, because if you’re really into something, your proposals start sounding all excited.  And let’s be frank, if you’re hiring a writer, having one that’s enthusiastic about your topic is always nice.  But sometimes you get some weird, or boring stuff.

Sometimes you have a project where when you start researching it starts to scare the living bajesus out of you.  I had one not too long ago.  It was Friday, Press Enter, The Happiness Patrol and 2001: A Space Odyssey all rolled into one.  I’ve uncurled from my little ball, though.

But not this week, thank goodness.  I’ve got a couple of ones where I’ve rushed home from the gym with an Oh boy!  I get to noodle about something I like and get paid for it!

Why, yes, I do love my job.

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