"Done" is Good

I’m rather unsatisfied with my swim today.

The best thing I can say is that I showed up and swam for 40 minutes. Yes, that counts. I did my workout. I just prefer them to be more inspiring and uplifting than today’s was.

Notice I didn’t say “I swam a mile”. I’ll be damned if I know how far I did swim.

I brought a lot of it on myself. You see, I did not get my lazy, procrastinating, slacker ass out of the house until an hour after I usually hit the pool. The pool has become increasingly more crowded in recent weeks. I suppose as swimsuit season is approaching, people are wanting to get in swimmin’ shape. Their prerogative and they paid to be there. I can’t really complain about it[1].

So, I walked to the gym – in the rain, I might add. Then here we are with a crowded pool. I waited until there was a lane with only one person in it so that I would not have to circle swim. I find that difficult and distracting in a workout, so I try to avoid it[2]. Well, that little gambit didn’t work. I did have to circle swim for awhile anyway. I lost count of my laps, though I knew what time I got in the pool, so I decided to go comfortably hard for 40 minutes and call it good. I had a lot on my mind I needed to chew on, anyway, so the time was good for that.

Then I get out of the pool, shower off and leave the gym to see that it’s raining much harder. So I walk home in the rain, dammit.

I’m cranky about not feeling great and accomplished after the workout mostly because feeling good is my major motivator. Can I feel good about the fact I sucked it up and did something anyway? Of course.

But I like the feelings of euphoria a lot better. It’s just a fact of working out that I’m not going to get that feeling every time.

[1] Although I admit to contemplating writing an article about how terrible swimming is and how rotten it is for you. You know, in the hopes it would drive people out of the pool.

[2] As long as the alternative is not missing a swim, mind!

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