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This is going to be my writing blog, even though I’ve populated it with a few other rants and raves on other topics — articles I liked and things like that.

Right now, I’m working on a novel tentatively titled Stoneflower. They say if you cannot describe your novel in twenty-five words or less, you’re off track and don’t have something marketable. As an exercise, I did it, but I’m not going to post it here, because it gives away the ending. It is fairly old-fashioned Good v. Evil and is in part an answer to a lot of the writers that are so popular today who say that Everything Was Wonderful Before All the Damned Patriarchs Came Through.1

The first draft should be done sometime around the end of October, first of November.

I’ll also be talking some about the marketing of At the Foot of the Throne, a fantasy novel I wrote last year, for which I am still trying to find a home. I’m waiting another month on the publisher where it is now, then I have to go through the whole pain in the ass of slogging it around again. I’m doing this without looking for an agent. Sometimes I think I’m being smart, other times, wondering if I am being lazy. Real Live Professional Writers seem so mixed in their advice on whether or not to try to find an agent early in one’s career. Steven King says you shouldn’t try to get one until you’re making enough to steal from, others say that you haven’t a hope in hell of marketing your stuff to anywhere good or getting a decent contract unless you do have an agent. Me? I’m just some goofy dreamer whining about her production schedule and word count. How could I have enough information to have an accurate opinion?

Anyway, Hi. It’s me…

Stoneflower Progress

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter

33,015 / 120,000

1Yes, I’ve read a lot of MZB in my time, why do you ask?

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