I bought a tablet a couple of weeks ago.   I’d dithered for quite awhile because it was hard for me to justify the expense when I had a perfectly good laptop.

Tell ya what, though…

I love this thing.  I broke down and bought a Kindle Fire HD because I felt like tablets were really consumption devices and I am already rather far into the Amazon ecosphere. I’ve read three or four books on it since I got it, and that’s cool.  I watch Blackadder in the morning on Netflix when I get ready for work.  Yes, I use it to shop just like I used my computer, and when I’m screwing around on the Internet, I am more likely to use the tablet because it’s convenient.

What surprised me was that I actually use mine at work. I’m an independent consultant and I go to a lot of meetings.  I take a lot of meeting notes with my tablet.   I use it for spreadsheets to analyze data at these meetings.   I did not expect this to be a productivity machine.

I wouldn’t want it as my main computer by any means, even if I could limp through my job using it.  But my goodness do I love it on the go.

And yes, of course I am writing this article on my tablet.

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  1. I love my tablet. I have a first gen iPad and I use it primarily as an e-reader, but it’s also useful as a payment portal (if I have wifi available, like I did at Crafted) and for surfing the net. It’s a handy gadget. I use mine for notes at meetings or when we’re planning business stuff out, it’s definitely great for that too!

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