Power Outage

Downed TreeLast night my son and I came home from a party to find the police blocking an intersection in the driving rain.

When we took another route to the house, it became obvious why.  Downed power line.  That pole on the corner had been knocked down by the tree you see there falling.  That’s only a bit of it, as I didn’t get a pic before the majority of it was cleaned up.

As far as I am aware, no-one was hurt.  But power was off in our neighborhood for about 12 hours.  I slept in until 8, which is an incredible rarity for me.  I feel up to wrestling tigers, so I can only assume I needed it.

However, power was back on in time for me to talk to a client and get a couple of files to him.  If it hadn’t been on by 9:30, I would have had to have driven to another town to find a hot spot to check on email and the like so I could tie up the loose ends.  It’s amazing how dependent I am on electricity and Internet to work –even with a laptop and a web-enabled cell phone.

I felt bad for the linemen. Yeah, it’s their job and all, but it can’t be fun to be yanked out of bed to work all night.  I was just going to look for the camp stove to make them some coffee when the power came back on and they left.  Still, I’m glad they did work all night.  Prolly should send a nice letter to the power company.

I’m treating myself to a lazy day today.  I’ll do a little work, but nothing intense — just bidding and billing.  I’ll probably work on some fiction after I get my usual bidding done.  Maybe I’ll even do a little house decluttering in preparation for the next intense period.

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