Sewing With a Plan in Review

I do still have the pants to make, but I’m not feeling urgent about it. I’m pondering exactly what pants I want.

I’m really glad I did this whole wardrobe sewing thing, I can tell you. I’m wearing the print skirt, burgundy shell and black sash right now. Put ’em on because I was sick of working in my writin’ chair and went to Border’s today to get some work done[1]. I was worried how happy I’d be with all of this, and concerned because of the time and effort. But you know? It has turned out quite well.

What really makes me happy is that I have a wardrobe instead of a lot of clothes that don’t really relate or go together. Barring being invited to a fancy dress ball, I’ve pretty much got clothes that work just about anywhere depending on how I dress the outfits up or down with accessories. I could go to a barbecue in what I’m wearing right now, or mix-n-match for a nice evening out.

What’s also really nice is that I have a really clear idea of what I can add over time so that everything is still nice and pulled together. I know what colors of yarn to buy for sweaters because I have the swatch card in my wallet. If I wanna buy a piece of clothing[2] same/same. Having the base wardrobe? It’s hard to explain how nice this is.

The next time I get a hare across my ass to do a lot of sewing, I have the basics that I can build on.  If I wanna add a really nice lined wool charcoal gray skirt? I know that I have pieces it’ll work with. Will I be adding nicer, tailored clothes in time?  Of course.  It’s just that I had almost no money and nothing to work with to begin with. Now I have plenty of “nice” clothes where I can afford to take the time and money to make the lined wool pants[3], make the really good jackets and silk blouses and so on.

I like to dress well and frankly haven’t done it since my son was born. I was a stay at home mom at first, and felt like I didn’t have a good excuse to “dress”, nor did I have the sewing skills to create a really nice wardrobe cheaply. Then I went through a galloping eccentric stage which I certainly don’t regret. Now, as a writer, I sometimes feel I have even less excuse to “dress” than I did. I’ve spent most of the last year in sweats or broomstick skirts unless I was teaching. But hey… I can sew, like it and can make a good wardrobe really cheaply, so why the heck not?

[1] God, I love being a writer

[2] Unlikely. I really enjoy sewing, and half the fun of my clothes is the kick I get out wearing something I made myself.

[3] Hey, I live in Northern New England!

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