Interesting New Stuff for Balance

Calf raises 85 3 11
Stiff-legged deadlifts 85 3 11
Squats 85 3 11
Bench Press 65 3 11
Lat Pulldown 80 3 11
Seated Row 70 3 12
Inverted Situps body 3 10

Today was challenging without feeling scary or icky. That’s good. But it was challenging!

I saw a pic of a woman I used to work with who got into weights in a big way. She was unfit, then got real fit. In the pic she looks like she’s squatting about 215 lbs. That’s about twice her body weight. At a guess. Might not be quite that, as obviously she is really strong, and muscle is dense. She’s just not bulked out, ya know?

Does the fact she can squat so much more than I do make me feel like a wimp? Eh… Sorta, but not exactly. I have a pretty clear idea of what she went through to get where she is. It’s more like, “That’ll be me in a couple of years!”

There was a woman using the lifting platform to work out with the Bosu ball and a medicine ball today at the gym.  They’re good for balance work.   In sober truth, I really oughta add some of that sort of work to my fitness routine, but I’m concentrating on lifting at the moment.  You can stand on the blue portion while doing all sorts of exercises or turn it over and use it as a balance board.  My PT was encouraging me to get one after my surgery.  I remember thinking (before I started the workout) that I’ve studied ballet and martial arts and such for decades.   I didn’t need that.

Heh. Yeah, I kinda did.  My balance ain’t all that.

I’ll be more likely to use the one at the gym if I start doing it.  These things cost close to a hundred bucks and if I’m gonna spend a c-note on exercise equipment, it’s gonna be a bench.

I’ve seen people do squats on these things.   I do not yet have the guts.

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