New Hampshire Primaries

I live in New Hampshire.

It’s a Presidential election year.

I can tell you that none of the candidates have found a friend in Noël Figart. I get knocks on my door, I get phone calls.  I get phone calls from people. I get phone calls from machines with carefully-worded recordings that make it impossible to give my real views on a given subject.  I get junk mail.

One phone call?  Okay, fine.  You gotta get your message out to the poor saps who don’t watch the news.  (I don’t.  I’m an avid blogger and reader of blogs.  Something interesting comes by, someone’ll link to it).

But calling me three times in one day is excessive, after having someone knock on my door the day before.  If I didn’t already dislike the politics of the Junior Sentator from New York, I’d be guarendamnteed to vote against Clinton after today.

I have one question to any candidate:  Did you vote against the war in Iraq?  No?

Ya don’t have my vote.  Abstentions don’t count.  If you voted for a war, please have the courtesy not to claim to be peace-loving and all tender hearted about the people.  KTHXBYE.

3 Replies to “New Hampshire Primaries”

  1. One of the tactics the machines are using is to call-bomb the for the OTHER candidate. When it gets REALLY annoying, it’s possible it’s the other party doing this JUST to piss you off.

    Like it’s doing.

  2. Well, the calls I got from the Clinton campaign were all humans.

    The machines were, I THINK, in favor of that Huckabee character. I tend to hang up on recordings.

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