A Really Fantastic Book for Free

American Gods by Neil Gaiman is available as a preview copy online for free.

Yep, you can read it online for free.

Now, I loved this book so much that not only do I own a hard copy, I bought the audiobook. It’s one of my favorite books to come out in the last few years.

He has encouraged people to put this link around, saying that if it was popular, he’d “be able to” do this again. I’m not entirely sure how this is really going make a profit, (other than if they’re like me, this book got me hooked on Mr. Gaiman’s work), but I’m willing to spread the word.

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  1. This is the book that got me hooked, too. I was so hoping it would be some book that I *hadn’t* already read (which is most of them) that got put online for free… Selfish me. Guess I’ll just have to go read the other book I bought.

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