Salwar Kameez: Sleeves

I’m going to apologize, but I don’t yet have images for the sleeves, so this is going to have to be just text.  If you sew, you know what a sleeve cap should look like.  If you don’t get something that looks like one, you probably got it wrong.

  1. Down the center of the paper, draw a line the entire length of the sleeve you want.
  2. At the bottom, draw a line the length of the wrist/palm measurement (or however wide you want the sleeve to be).
  3. From the top, draw a shallow diagonal line measuring the armhole divided by two on each side.
  4. Connect the ends of the lines so you have a wide, shallow triangle. That line should be at least as long as your upper arm measurement.  (Unless you have larger upper arms. I’m a size 22 and lift weights.  I don’t have to kludge this even if I don’t have dainty arms).
  5. Draw a line from the bottom corners to the wrists so you have the bottom sleeve shape.
  6. Smooth out the upper point of the triangle so you have a smooth sleeve cap.
  7. Add 5/8″ to 1″ all around the pattern for your seam allowance.  (I prefer a narrower one, but that’s up to you!)

This sleeve will require some skill at easing the sleeve cap.  I’ll do my best to get a picture up to clarify later.


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