Salwar Kameez Front: Step One

Bet this was starting to feel like The Monster at the End of the Book .  For all of the following instructions, if you used the Excel file provided earlier, there’s no need to perform addition calculations or add ease.  You’ve already done that.


  1. Draw a line the length of the Entire Front Length
  2. Divide the Shoulder Width by two
  3. Divide the Garment ease you want by two
  4. Add the two sums and mark it off on the top line
  5. Click  here to go to the next step.  (Toldja this was easy!)

If I have not been clear and you want to rant at me about it,  feel free to leave me a comment about it and I will try to clear things up.  Oh, if you really like what I’ve been doing, lemme know anyway, huh?  I really want to know if this has been at all useful to anyone!


If you want instructions on how to make the salwar, damn’fI’m gonna re-invent the wheel.  Check out this SCA Page on Middle Eastern garb.  The pattern hasn’t changed in 1,000 years.

Oh, and don’t use the kameez pattern with the darts for SCA play.  This is a much more modern design.   (And if you’re Muslim and dressing modestly?  Go for straight lines  from bust to hips and omit the darts. This pattern does rather conform to body shape.)






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  1. Hi Noel,

    I saw your post on No-S and came over as another New Englander. I really like your kameez and now I’m intrigued about making one; followed the link but I didn’t see any instructions on how to assemble them, only drawings of shapes. Then I saw some other links…is this what you want us to follow? Or could you please provide links? Thanks, if I know exactly what to follow, I might actually try this!

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