Salwar Kameez Front: Step Two

  1. pattern2Measure across the shoulder line the neck measurement divided by six.
  2. Measure down the front length the neck measurement divided by six plus one half inch.
  3. Draw a square connecting the two measurements.
  4. Draw a 3/4″ line at a 90 degree angle to the neck square.
  5. Draw a curved line at the shoulder point.
  6. At the shoulder point (SW/2+E/2), measure down two inches.
  7. Click  here to go to the next step.

This particular neck is a very modest jewel neckline. You’ll need something a little larger if you want to be able to pull the garment over your head!   However, once you’ve drafted it, you can use that as an excellent guideline to create a different neckline shape or size.  I often drop it down a couple of inches, round it out and use my armscye tool as a guide for a curve and do a sweetheart neckline.

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  1. Hi, i’m trying to learn to sew Salwar-Kameez and came across your page. To me the instructions here are the best i’ve ever seen (i’ve unsuccessfully tried my hands on salwar kameez earlier too) but i’m unable to view the attached PATTERNS / images of all instructions. Where are they? Pls help me out!

  2. sorry for the necro. hope this is still getting updates n such. i’m going through your directions and the link for your sloper is 404-file not found 🙁

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